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Barefoot Birth: A Natural Approach

June 25, 2017
If you live in the Tampa Bay region of Florida and you’re about to have a baby, you should be aware that Barefoot Birth is here for you. They are a very unique and special birth service company, focused on providing expectant families with the high-quality care and support that all families need, especially when they decide to take a more natural approach to childbirth. Armed with the specially designed Barefoot Bus and the rare option of providing care for home births (their leader is one of just two midwives capable of offering that option), the emphasis of Barefoot Birth is on providing families with the services they want and need wherever they are.

The main reason Barefoot Birth exists is because they believe in leaving the decision up to the family. Their midwives are always there to offer support. By providing a full range of services related to home birth, Barefoot Birth is capable of offering the highest level of support to any expectant family. Not only are their midwife support services among the best in the Tampa Bay, Florida area, they are also rare. In fact, midwife Charlie Rae Young, who is the co-founder of Barefoot Birth, is one of just two midwives in the region to offer the option for home services.

Barefoot Birth is a true full-service care and support company, with an eye on encouraging more natural birthing methods to any families who would like that option. They mean full service, too. they help every stage of the process. They offer personalized prenatal and post partum care and support, childbirth education, massage therapy and even professional birth photography and belly casting services. They want the entire birthing experience to be the most joyous and wonderful experience ever.